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Current population (according to the 2021 Census): 651

Assessment: 4,030,080


Hans Alpha, a Norweigan bachelor, was among the first immigrants to settle the area.  His homestead was the NW  2 – 40 – 18 – W2, now the site of Naicam.  In June 1904, Hans began construction of the first homestead in the district on the site that is now the St. George’s Roman Catholic Church.  By the fall of 1907, he had cultivated 27 acres.

In 1909, Hans sold his quarter to Ingeborg Knutson (nee Guttormson), referred to in most documents as Mrs. Marius Knutson.  Interestingly, as Mrs. Knutson was not a widow, it was a rare occurrence for a woman to purchase land in her own name.  Ingeborg had true pioneer spirit, tough enough for the prairies yet kind and always willing to help a neighbour.  It seems as if she was a keen entrepreneur as well.  In 1919, Ingeborg sold Alpha’s original quarter to the CPR for a townsite. 

The name of the town was derived from taking letters from two of the C.P.R. officials at the time NAIsmith and CAMeron.

Incorporated as a village in 1921, shortly after the arrival of the CPR, Naicam progressed to the extent that it was incorporated into a town in 1954.


History Book

Volume I of the Naicam history book “Gleanings Along the Way” can be purchased for $10.00 CDN plus shipping please contact [email protected] for further information.

Volume II “Gleanings Along the Way, continued” is available for purchase at the Town Office for $ 35.

Below: Naicam 1920