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Municipal Elections

Every four years, Municipal Elections take place across the Saskatchewan. The last municipal election was held in October of 2016. Councillors hold office for a period of 4 years until the first meeting of Council after the next election.  Election Day is now the second Wednesday of November, and every four years unless election day falls on a statutory holiday. In that case, election day will be held on the Monday of that week.


Byelections are called when a position on Council becomes vacant.

Terms of Office

Terms of office for council members, including mayor, begin at the first meeting of council following the general election and last for four years until the next council is elected. Incumbent members of council remain in office until the first meeting of council after the election. The first meeting of the council following the general election is held within 31 days after the date of election at a time, date and place determined by the administrator.

Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government

To encourage participation in municipal governance and increase understanding of what it means to be on council, Municipalities of Saskatchewan has created Municipal Governance 101, free virtual education sessions designed for everyone who has an interest in municipal politics or who is thinking of running for council. Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government is the first session in the series, open to everyone from a Saskatchewan city, town, or village. This one-hour session will be held on September 1 at 6:30 p.m. In coordination with the Ministry of Government Relations, Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government will cover what the role of council is, what your responsibilities are as a councillor, and more.

Additional Information

Nomination Forms
Nomination forms must be completed in full, signed by five eligible voters, and the Candidate’s signature of acceptance must be signed by witnesses. The Nomination Clerks and Returning Officer cannot sign as witnesses. Nomination and acceptance forms are now required by provincial legislation to be accompanied by a completed public disclosure statement. Incomplete nomination forms, or forms not accompanied by a completed statement will not be accepted.
Election Guide – COMING SOON
General information on the schedule, who can vote, who can run for office, etc.
Candidates Guide – COMING SOON
A summary of important information you should know if running for office.
Link to Municipal Advisory – Elections Information
Municipal Advisory is a wonderful source of information for any citizen with questions in general, or anyone considering running for Council.
Polling Places and Elections Policy 
The Town has set standard polling places, advanced poll, and election officials rates of pay through this policy.
Visit for more information on voter eligibility.