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Most municipal infrastructure was installed in Naicam in the 1960’s. This infrastructure continues to age while demand grows for more and better roads, consumption of water and sewer increases and it becomes more costly to provide, and standards of safety, health and the environment continually change.

To create a fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable community while also preserving our quality of life, we need adequate long term and strategic as well as asset management plans.

The Path to Success

These plans require a substantial amount of assessment and research, so they can’t be created overnight. Over the last couple of years Naicam has been working on taking small steps towards complete long term, strategic and asset management plans.

As our water and sewer are installed underneath our roads, plans for water, sewer and road infrastructure must be developed in conjunction with one another.  We don’t want to replace a road, just to dig it up and replace a sewer line the next year.  It is the Town’s intention that prior to paving a section of road, we will line the sewer under it first. The company lining the sewer will first camera the section being lined to view potential obstacles or issues.

Gravel streets that are to remain gravel are not noted on the paving plan as their maintenance will be included within the annual budget.

Other assets such as sidewalks, facilities, parks, playgrounds and trees also all require significant management and planning. Our priorities for creating plans are as follows but this may be amended as we move forward and items may bump up or down the list depending on grant funding that becomes available.

  1. Water & Sewer
  2. Roads & Sidewalks
  3. Stormwater & Drainage
  4. Facilities
  5. Equipment
  6. Parks, Playgrounds, Trees
Water & Sewer

The piece of infrastructure that is most essential to quality of life is our water and sewer. In 2018 we completed a systems assessment as well as a complete inventory of every manhole, valve and section of pipe in our community. This information is aiding us in completing a plan for maintenance, repair, and replacement. We will need a complete water treatment plant within the next 10 years. To this end we are applying for federal funding to aid us in this project.


As a starting point we’ve drafted up a 10 year paving plan which includes lining sewers as well. An image of the draft plan is below (coming soon). Not all streets and avenues will be paved. Some are gravel and will remain gravel, some paved streets may yet have to revert to gravel.  This 10 year plan will be reviewed annually during the budgeting process.


Depending how this pandemic affects our summer/fall it may delay our sidewalks planning. In 2020 the Foreman and Administrator together are scheduled to be going through our community creating a complete inventory of all sidewalks including assessing their condition and rating them. This data will then be compiled and a report created. This information will be provided to staff and Council to create a sidewalk plan for the community including determining where we really need sidewalks, which sidewalks are in most need of replacement, which simply need repair, and which might be removed permanently.


We have started asset management of our facilities by having a condition and structural assessment completed on the Museum old Firehall, Thompson Meats building and Viking SportsPlex. This assessment will better allow us to plan for repairs, maintenance and future upgrades or replacement and justify demolition on any buildings that cannot be feasibly saved.