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Business Advantage

Since the beginning Naicam has had a large number of businesses to fill housing, shopping, personal service, and recreational needs. First settled by a largely Scandinavian population in 1921, this community now with a population of 661 (2016 census) has active highway commercial and downtown core businesses as well as a number of home based businesses to serve the community and region.

Advantages to Small Town Business

Lower Costs & Incentives

City locations have matching city rates especially when it comes to real estate. Naicam has affordable business locations in our small town with fewer regulations, low fees and lower cost of living. Business licenses are currently just $25 annually.

More Incentives

In Naicam we recognize the value of an entrepreneurial spirit and reward that with incentives for businesses such as tax concessions. Owners of commercial property are invited to apply for tax concessions as per Policy #1983-005 for new construction, establishment of new business in existing construction or an addition to existing business.

Community Support

The community support found among small town people often provides deeper customer loyalty than you would be able to generate in a large city.  Community efforts in working together, a desire to support local businesses and community pride will go a long way to a businesses success. It’s a true symbiotic relationship where small communities receive the benefits that your business brings and your business gets just as much back from the community.

Networking Opportunities

The aspiring business owner can’t deny that word-of-mouth promotion is beneficial and necessary. Everyone knows everyone in a small town, right? In Naicam, connecting with decision makers and leaders within the community is much easier than in a city. You do not have to work so hard in a small town for your voice to be heard.

Less Competition

It’s true that in city there is a larger pool of potential customers to pull from. However, you also must run in direct competition with other businesses that provide the exact same service you do. Your brand can easily be overshadowed. In a small town, you may be the first business of your type in the area, creating not only a more loyal customer base, but also the standard by which all other followers are measured.

Better Quality of Life

Traffic. Pollution. Crime. We know it’s not easy navigating big-city issues. Small town living brings a sense of belonging, greater community involvement, a slower pace and less unrest within the economy, all resulting in better quality of life.

Future Opportunities

Being a business owner in a small town often lands you smack dab in the middle of leadership and development opportunities within the community providing you the chance to share from your experience and make a positive difference in the direction of the community.

Bold Adventure Awaits!

If you’ve been holding your entrepreneurial dreams with caution, now may be the time to stop dreaming and start doing. Be bold and start on that new adventure you’ve always dreamed of! We’d love to hear about your business goals and help you find the perfect location to launch or expand your life’s dream.