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Town Council


Council meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm, however Council only meets the 4th Tuesday if there is a deemed urgent or emergent matter. Requests submitted to Council for review at a meeting must be made by the Wednesday the week previous to the Council meeting to make it on the agenda. Council meetings are open to the public for observation only unless on the agenda as a delegation.

Your Council


Jack Ramler (Deputy Mayor: January, February)

Troy Leicht (Deputy Mayor: March, April, May)

Amy Missler (Deputy Mayor: June, July, August)

Bev Hardy (Deputy Mayor: September, October)

Doug Hacking (Deputy Mayor: November, December)

Council Appointments

Council members are appointed to Committees of Council and may also be appointed by Council to sit on other boards or committees outside of Council as a Council representative. Council may appoint staff or community members to sit on committees as advisors. A summary is listed below:

Council Committees
  • Finance: Council as a Whole
  • Administration & Personnel: Hayward,Ramler,Leicht,Hardy
  • Public Works: Ramler, Hayward, Hardy
  • Parks, Recreation & Culture: Leicht, Missler, Hayward, Anholt
  • Planning & Development: Leicht, Ramler, Missler, Hayward
  • Protective Services: Ramler, Missler, Hayward
Boards Under Bylaw of Council
  • EMO Committee: Hayward, 
  • EMO Coordinator: Corrine Dauk
  • Naicam & District Community Council (NDCC): Hardy
Other Appointments
  • Administrator: Leah Richardson
  • Returning Officer, Assessor, Bylaw Enforcement Officer: Commissionaires Office
  • Finance Clerk: Corrine Dauk
  • Fire Chief: Carl Peterson
  • Deputy Fire Chief: Bruce Becker
  • Naicam & District Ambulance Coordinator: Stacy Church
  • Auditor: Ingram & Yeadon Accountants
  • Cheque Signing Authority: Administrator, Hayward, Missler
  • Pest Control Officer: Orkin
  • Weed Sprayer: Shayne Hood
  • Board of Revision/Development Appeals: EQWL Regional Board of Revision
  • Building Inspector: Municode
  • Engineer: Darren Anholt (Allied Infrastructure)
Appointments Required by Agreement
  • Library Board: Missler, Anne Nordick, VACANT
  • Wapiti Regional Library Board: VACANT
  • Hillcrest Court Board: Hardy
Appointment by Membership
Other Board Appointments
  • NewSask Community Futures: 
  • Lake Charron Regional Park Board: Missler, Tim Robinson, Len McGillivray
  • Museum Board: Missler,CEC
  • Naicam & District Community Council: Hardy


Individuals or delegations wishing to address Council are requested to submit a brief outline of the subject of their presentation in order that Council may familiarize themselves with the issue in advance. The request and materials/handouts  are requested to be submitted to the Town Office by 12:00 pm (noon) on the Wednesday preceeding the Council meeting you wish to attend. Presentations are limited to 15 minutes per subject matter (unless extended by a unanimous resolution of Council). There is a limit of two delegations per meeting. There is no specified form to request to be a delegation, simply contact the CAO to make arrangements. If you need to cancel or reschedule as a delegation please notify the CAO as soon as possible.

Writing Council / Staff

The Town of Naicam will not forward any anonymous communications to Council or staff. All correspondence must provide contact information for follow-up.
It is important to note that letters addressed specifically to Mayor and Council are included under Correspondence on a council agenda and that once they are received they are public documents. Correspondence only to the Mayor is given directly to the Mayor and may not necessarily be presented at a meeting or on an agenda. Similarly all correspondence only to a specific staff member or Councillor is given to that person and may not necessarily be presented at a meeting or be placed on an agenda. ALL correspondence is opened and handled by administration.
Letters are opened and circulated to a lead staff member for follow-up and response. Letters addressed to Mayor and Council are circulated to them for review.
Letters marked CONFIDENTIAL on the outside of the envelope AND addressed to Mayor AND Council will be presented in an in-camera session of a Committee of the Whole at a Regular Meeting of Council.  If the contents of a letter marked confidential are not deemed confidential under the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (LAFOIP),  the letter may still be deemed public information. Letters received that are perceived to contain confidential information under LAFOIP, may have portions redacted from public view and may be discussed in-camera.
Correspondence is posted as part of the Council Meeting package and Agenda online through All-Net meetings. The personal information contained in a letter to Mayor and Council is collected under the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act(LAFOIP) and will be used only to respond to the letter writer. This means that while your name will appear on the letter, your contact information (mailing address, telephone number, etc.), under LAFOIP, will be blocked from the public.