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Recreation & Culture

Facility Rentals

There are a number of Facilities available for rent in the Town of Naicam. The Naicam Senior’s Centre is operated by the Naicam & District Senior Citizens, the RM of Pleasantdale has a meeting/small event space available, Naicam School rents out the gym, and the Curling Club may rent our the curling rink. You will need to contact those third parties directly to book their facilities or inure about rates.

The Town rents out the:

The pavilion, sports grounds, parks and park areas open to the general public cannot be privately booked and are usable on a first come, first serve basis.

TO BOOK A FACILITY: Contact the Town Office at 306-874-2280 or [email protected]

AVAILABILITY: Most bookings are listed as “Busy” on the Town event calendar for a facility. To see if a facility is booked or available check our Town Calendar or contact the Town Office.

Town Hall

Available for bookings, the Town Hall is located at 200 Centre Street, Naicam, SK.  Built in 1921, the Town Hall is undergoing some renovations over the next year or so as part of our Legacy Project for the upcoming Naicam Centennial in 2021. Naicam Kiddie Kollege playschool  operates from the basement of the facility. A number of changes have been made to the policy and rates that regulate bookings as it now covers both the hall and the mezzanine, please review the updated policy below.


  • Hardwood dance floor (refinished in 2019)
  • Stage
  • Caterer Friendly Kitchen (cooler, fridge with freezer above, stove/oven)
  • Wheelchair Accessible (facility and bathroom)
  • Coat-check / Ticket Booth


Available for bookings, the Mezzanine is located at the Viking SportsPlex at 202 2nd Street South, Naicam, SK. A number of changes have been made to the policy and rates that regulate bookings as it now covers both the hall and the mezzanine, please review the updated policy below.


  • Commercial tile floor
  • Rink viewing/seating area
  • Caterer Friendly Kitchen/Bar (cooler, stove/oven)
  • Wheelchair Accessible with Lift

n our caterer-friendly kitchen/bar the town provides general cleaning supplies (garbage bags, tea towels, dish cloths, dish soap, pot scrubbers, etc.). The renter must provide all other supplies as might be needed (water jugs, coffee urns, tablecloths, tableware ware, cutlery, jiggers, etc.).

Bookings – Hall & Mezzanine

Prior to booking please review the Facility Rental Policy linked below which is part of the rental agreement, the rental agreement page, and the cleaning form.

Rentals will not be confirmed until the agreement has been completed, signed, returned and all fees and applicable deposits have been paid in full. We do not take tentative bookings. Prices below are as per the Facility Rental and Use Policy. In any case where this page and the policy differ the policy is to be taken as correct.

Rates – Hall & Mezzanine

Hourly $25 per hour

(an hour rental is for approximately 60 minutes).

Half Day $75 per half day

(a half day rental is approximately six (6) continuous hours)

Day $125 per day

(a day rental is approximately twelve (12) continuous hours)

“Weekend” Rental: $350 / weekend

  • A “weekend” rental is roughly 48 continuous hours running from approximately 4 pm on a Friday, all day Saturday, until Sunday afternoon at approximately 4 pm. A “weekend rental” may take place on other days of the week and times (Tuesday at 6 until Thursday at 2, Friday at 4pm until Sunday at noon, etc.) as may be negotiated with administration.
  • Extra Time at No Charge
    Provided no other bookings exist, persons renting the Facility may set up the evening before (after 6 pm) or clean-up the morning after (prior to 1 pm) without paying an extra ½ day fee. This is only for setup and cleanup. Availability must be confirmed and permission must be obtained from the Town Office.

Non-profit Rental

50% off of regular rental rates

deposits are still required at full deposit rates where applicable.

Deposits $500

Deposit is only required for events where liquor will be present or served. The deposit is $500 and must be paid when booking.


Check out our Renter’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or contact the Town Office.