A reminder that the Town of Naicam Byelection takes place today October 23, 2019 from

9 AM to 8 PM

at the Town office through the North Door.

Doors will open promptly at 9 am, and close promptly at 8 pm. Anyone already in the polling place at 8 pm when the doors close will be permitted to vote.

Your candidates are:

  • Anholt, Jim
  • McLeod, Ed

ID IS REQUIRED TO VOTE. If your photo ID does NOT contain your CIVIC ADDRESS, please bring another piece as well that contains both your name and civic address that matches your ID. For example, if your Photo ID has your name but only has your box number but your utility bill has both your name and civic address you can use your utility bill plus your ID to confirm your identity.  If you do not have appropriate ID another voter who does can vouch for you by simply both of you completing an extra form.