2020 Naicam Kids Summer Program

Thanks to the Canada Summer Jobs grant our Community Museum Technician summer student is able to provide youth programming. Thanks to the NDCC for running the program, covering supplies and the cost of a helper. Contact the NDCC to register or for more information.

Municipal elections are scheduled for November 9. Have you thought about running for municipal council?

Municipalities of Saskatchewan, the association that represents Saskatchewan’s hometowns, including Naicam, is offering free virtual sessions on September 1 and 9 to anyone interested in learning more about being on municipal council. In the first session, learn about the role of council, what your responsibilities are as a councillor, and more. The second session is a virtual town hall where you can ask a panel of individuals experienced in municipal governance your questions. Visit www.munisask.ca/events to learn more and to register.

Spray Park

The Spray Park will remain closed until the water distribution system pump upgrade is complete.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thank you for your patience.

Playground at 4th Ave N to open June 12 (with restrictions)

Under the re-open Saskatchewan plan, playgrounds are allowed to be open as of June 12, 2020 with some restrictions and guidelines.  The Naicam playground off of 4th Ave N (by Churchview Lodge) will be opening on June 12. We ask everyone to do their part in following the province’s guidelines and reducing risk as the playground in Naicam is not a supervised area.  Use of the playground facility is at your own risk. The playground will need to close briefly twice a day between 8:00 am -8:30 am and 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm for disinfection protocols.  We ask that anyone using the equipment during these times respect the staff when they ask you to clear the area and wait for them to be done. They will let you know when it is okay to go back on the equipment.

Please note, the bathrooms will still be closed as will the spray park. We will know more about the opening of these areas when they announce Phase 4. Council continues to review updates regarding COVID at each Council meeting.

If the playground looks busy, or specific area looks busy please consider waiting until it clears a bit or returning at a later time. Proper social distancing is still required. We thank everyone for their anticipated cooperation and compliance.

Every person who visits a park or outdoor playground must follow public health orders in order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

  1. People exhibiting signs of illness should not enter parks or playgrounds. If you think you may be sick, use the Government of Saskatchewan’s self-assessment tool for COVID-19 and follow the subsequent directions.
  2. People not from the same household or extended household should maintain two metres of physical distancing at all times.
  3. Limit gathering with other people when entering and leaving the park/playground and supervising children playing (e.g. paths, benches, picnic areas).
  4. Group sizes must comply with the public gathering restrictions.
  5. Ensure frequent hand hygiene for everyone before, during and after outdoor play.
  6. If an area is busy, such as playground equipment or park space, come back when it’s not as busy or use another play area.
  7. Do not share toys or sports equipment between groups.
  8. Practice proper hand hygiene:  Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water or, when unavailable, with hand sanitizer.  Refrain from touching your face.  Carry and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers approved by Health Canada (DIN or NPN number) before and after using playground and other recreational equipment.
  9. Consider limiting children and other members of your household to only visiting playgrounds close to your home. This will help limit the number of people your family may come into contact with during the visit.





We’ve had some questions on the commercial side of things under our new Waste Management Bylaw and how things will be changing. Here are  the top 5 questions being asked.

  1. Do I need a permit for a bigger commercial garbage bin for my commercial zoned business?
    • No. Commercial users are responsible for arrangement of their own waste storage or collection containers from an approved and licensed provider.
  2. Who are approved and licensed providers for commercial garbage?
    • In general this is any provider that has obtained a business license for this purposed from the Town of Naicam. If we have given them a business license to provide this service in our community,  you can do business with them. On the spirit of healthy competition for the marketplace and economy we do not restrict which vendors our commercial sector can do business with other than that they must be licensed to do business in the Town and operate proper, safe equipment.
  3. How will I know if I have to move or change my bin under the new bylaw?
    • The Town may instruct a business regarding the placement of their bin and to keep their bin and bin area as neat and tidy as possible. If your existing bin has been in place for some time already and you keep your area well maintained, chances are the Town will not be requiring any changes.
  4. Do I have to change who I rent my bin from?
    • No. The Town will not be telling commercial zoned businesses who they may or not do business with other than the conditions listed above in #2.
  5. Can we participate in the curbside cart program if we are a business?
    • Yes and No.
      • Because the needs of our commercial businesses in our commercial zones are so variable with the amount and type of waste they generate, we cannot operate a universal program that suits everyone. Commercial businesses are to continue to coordinate their own waste disposal with their chosen provider (subject to #2 above) on what size of bin they require and how often they want it dumped and are responsible for those associated costs. Businesses choose to handle their waste disposal in different ways. Many smaller businesses may group together to use one bin.  Some smaller places will simply take their garbage home to put in their residential bin or take their trash directly to the transfer station. 
      • Commercial businesses operating on side streets that do not have significant use of front street customer parking (these are generally businesses not in the downtown core), may be able to participate in curbside roll out cart program upon request. This will be discussed on a case by case basis as requests come in. Any arrangement for inclusion in the curbside roll out cart program is to be approved by the Town, but will be arranged directly with REACT and will be subject to associated fees billed to the business by REACT.  Approved use of the carts by commercial properties must follow the same rules for placement and care as residential carts. The curbside roll out carts are generally not able to be placed in back alleys due to overhead power lines. The trucks emptying the carts require a minimum of 14 foot overhead clearance.