Wild Boar Sightings – Safety Notice

As many of our local residents and their children travel throughout the surrounding RM’s for work and leisure, we are sharing a safety notice issued by the RM of Pleasantdale as it may affect the safety of our residents as well when travelling in and through the area.


 A run of 25-30 wild boar have been sighted in the RM of Pleasantdale near the areas of NW-30-41-18 W2 and NW 30-40-18 W2. These sightings border properties in the RM of Lake Lenore. The RM is issuing a warning to residents to be cautious especially when it comes to the safety of our children.

  • Just like other wildlife, feral boar will be most active at dawn and dusk.
  • Wild boar have great senses of hearing and smell and will generally avoid contact with humans, unless they sense a danger to themselves or their young.
  • If you see a boar keep a safe distance especially if piglets are present.

As a reminder, Saskatchewan residents can now hunt wild boar without a license. Residents are still to maintain reasonable safety expectations like asking permission to hunt on private property.

For more information or to report wild boar sightings in the RM of Pleasantdale please contact the RM office at 306-874-5732. You can also report sightings to the SCIC who operates the Feral Wild Boar Control Program at 1-888-935-0000.