Naicam SRC – Telemiracle Fundraising

SRC News – Naicam School

This year the Naicam School SRC will be attending Telemiracle 41!

They will be working the shift from 8:00-11:00am on Sunday March 5th. Their team has organized a few fundraisers for the high school kids and sent collection forms home with the elementary students. At hockey day in January they sold hot dogs and ran the canteen which got them off to a good start towards their goal. In the past week, they had their annual dodgeball tournament, which was a success. Their first annual water pong tournament is coming up on March 1st and they are very excited for it. 

The goal that they’ve set for Naicam school is to raise $1500 and they are asking for the communities help to try and reach this goal. You can drop your donations off at the school or hand them into an elementary student. They want to be able to contribute to this as best as they can and really need everyone’s help!