Municipal Election: Voters List

Notice of Voters List

The voters list and notice of revision can be viewed at the municipal office. Candidates may request a copy of the voters list to be used only for municipal election purposes. Changes to the voters list must be requested in writing at the municipal office using the appropriate forms.

Other Election Reminders:

Nominees have until 4 pm on September 22nd, 2016 to withdraw their nomination. Nomination forms are posted for public viewing at the municipal office.

For an election process schedule and information on who can vote and who can be a candidate, check out our document MUNICIPAL ELECTION 2016. is a valuable election resource that covers everything from how elections work, regulations on campaign posters, and more! We highly recommend that people take some time to review this important information.

Candidates are responsible for following the Local Government Election Act 2015 and the Regulations.

Advanced poll: October 19, 2016

Election Day: October 26, 2016