Council members are seven elected to office by general vote for a term of four years, one of which is the Mayor.


The Administration Department is responsible for the interpretation and implementation of the bylaws of the Town of Naicam, as well as the collection of revenue and payment of expenses.


The Facilities Manager is responsible for the care and management of facilities including the Viking SportsPlex, Hall and Golf Course as well as cleaning at the Campground, Spray park. The Facilities Manager may also plan events and activities and ensure continued fair and consistent use of facilities. You may contact the Facilities Manager, Tracie James at 306-874-5803.

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of the water and sewer infrastructure and roadways.

In addition to the above departments, there are several organizations and agencies that provide essential services to the Naicam Residents through annual budget allocation and contracts: