REACT Curbside Bin Program Delayed

Originally scheduled to be implemented in May/June, we’ve been informed that due to COVID-19 delays, we won’t be able to roll-out the curbside garbage bin program through REACT until the end of June at the earliest.

We’re working on creating a document that will be mailed out to residents and posted online. This document will outline the rules and regulations of the REACT program and of the new Waste Management Bylaw that Council will be reviewing at their May 12th meeting. We’re also working on putting together a public virtual session with the Town and  REACT where we can review the program for the public, and answer frequently asked questions about how all this will work. If we know a roll-out date it will also be announced at that time otherwise a separate notice will be sent to residents announcing when the program will begin and when you can expect your cart to arrive.

We thank you for your patience!