Municipal Election: Candidates

The withdrawal period for nominations for the 2016 Municipal Election expired at 4:00 pm, September 22nd.

The following nominees are declared duly elected for the respective office by acclamation:

Mayor: Hayward, Rodger

There will be an election for Council. The following is the list of the candidates for the office of Councillor of the Town of Naicam (in alphabetical order by surname). There are 6 vacancies and 13 candidates.

  • Becker, Richard
  • Dawe, Jason
  • Hardy, Bev
  • Holmstrup, Daniel
  • Hood, Jackie
  • Leicht,Troy
  • Lindbloom, Mike
  • McDermid, Alicia
  • Missler, Amy
  • Moskal, Adam
  • Ramler, Jack
  • Talloden, Palmer
  • Woolsey, Kris

Candidates are responsible for following the Local Government Election Act 2015 and the Regulations.

Nomination papers remain posted at the Municipal Office until the close of polls on election day October 26th, 2016. is a valuable election resource that covers everything from how elections work, regulations on campaign posters, and more! We highly recommend that people take some time to review this important information.


Advanced poll: October 19, 2016

Election Day: October 26, 2016