Legacy Project – Town Hall Restoration

2021 will mark Naicam’s Centennial. Our Town Hall was built in a Norwegian long house style in honour of the heritage of the community. Since that time the building was renovated and much of the heritage character removed. This restoration project will not only give this old building back its character, but return a sense of pride to the community. The facility is home to many community events including Heart for Art programs and activities as well as tradeshows showcasing Saskatchewan artisans and crafters. The Hall also serves as a meeting space for many of our local non-profit organizations and groups, and is home to the Kiddie Kollege preschool. The goal is to have the bulk of the project completed before Homecoming 2021.

How can I help?

Donations to the Hall Restoration Project can be made to the Town of Naicam. Payment methods accepted are cash, cheque, money order, debit, credit or e-transfer. Donations over $20 will receive a charitable donation receipt.

Project Updates

While the Town continues to apply for grants and encourage donations for the project, progress is being made towards breaking ground on the project itself. A structural and condition assessment is being completed on the building to ensure the work being done will not only restore the heritage appeal of the facility but ensure it is a safe and secure facility for many years to come. Once the assessment is completed and reviewed the Town will obtain quotes and tendered bids for the different phases of the project (exterior and interior) which will take place over the next couple of years and be completed for a grand opening at Homecoming 2021.


Thank you to the Affinity Credit Union for your generous contribution of $10,000 towards the hall restoration project!

Town of Naicam – Town Hall Restoration Message from ACU

“For many communities, the town hall is the centre of recreation, the hub of business and where we gather together as neighbours. The town of Naicam is no exception, which is why Affinity Credit Union is proud to support the Town Hall Restoration Project. We’re committed to building strong, vibrant communities, and we believe this project will continue to foster community pride as the town comes together to prepare for their centennial celebration in 2021. Congratulations Naicam on nearly 100 years of heritage!”