Tenders / Bids

Open Bids

The following are a list of open tenders and calls for bids active with the Town of Naicam.


Building Assessment Services


Submission deadline: 2:00 pm July 24, 2019

The Town of Naicam requests pricing for a structural and condition assessment of the following listed municipally owned buildings including recommendations for maintaining and extending building lifespan, remaining life expectancy both ‘as is’ and ‘with recommended repairs/replacements’, assessed condition of building and structure, estimate end of life replacement cost, the vendor’s opinion on any other assessed risks due to condition.

  1. Town Hall: 200 Centre Street
  2. Museum (Pioneer School): 210 3rd Ave
  3. “Thompson Meats”: 115 Centre Street
  4. Old Fire Hall: 303 2nd Ave N
  5. Viking SportsPlex: 202 2nd Street S

For complete information and submission requirements please download the tender document below.

GG-2019-004 Building Assessment

GG-2019-004 Addendum #1

GG-2019-004 Addendum #2


Closed Bids

The following are a list of closed tenders/bids. The tender award documents are posted below for closed tenders. Awarding documents will stay posted for 30 days after the date the tender was awarded.

CLOSED Asphalt Paving Construction Services 

RFP TS-2019-003

Submission deadline: 4:00 pm June 26, 2019 CLOSED

This tender has closed and has been awarded on June 27, 2019.

Tender Award Notice TS 2019-003