Further COVID-19 Relief Measures for Naicam Utilities

At their Regular Meeting May 12, 2020, Naicam’s Town Council passed a resolution to waive the interest scheduled to be charged on past due Utility accounts on June 1, 2020 and July 1, 2020, as an extension of the COVID-19 relief measures where they waived the April 1st and May 1st interest. Council also resolved to delay the disconnections that would normally have taken place on past due utility accounts. They will review Utilities interest and shutoffs again at their July 14, 2020 meeting.

Anyone who has received a final notice of disconnection already in May may disregard the shutoff portion of the notice. The arrears are still due but service will not be disconnected at this time. We encourage those with past due accounts to contact us to make payment arrangements and consider switching to our new pre-authorized debit program.


Thank you!