Fire Ban Lifted

The Fire Ban for Naicam has been lifted.

Please note under Bylaw#15/97 you may not burn garbage (which includes paper).

Burning must occur in an approved pit, bbq or outdoor fireplace:

  • which shall not exceed 1000 square inches in size.
  • be located in the rear year yard unless it is a natural gas or propane appliance
  • only burn seasoned wood or charcoal (no rubber, manure, garden refuse, animal carcasses, ashphalt, creosoted wood or similar material, hydrocarbons, insulation, anything generating a foul smoke or odour, anything classified as dangerous goods, garbage/trash or refuse – this includes paper and cardboard).

Pit regulations:

If a factory made bbq or outdoor fireplace, must be ULC tested and have a certified stamp.

If homemade must be:

    • constructed of material such as cement, brick, or metal of at least 18 gauge
    • covered with a heavy gauge metal  screen with openings no larger than 13mm (1/2″)

For complete regulations see Bylaw # Fire Prevention Bylaw #15-86, 15-97