Curbside Collection – FAQ

As we move closer to rolling out our curbside waste bin program we are receiving some calls with questions. More information will be coming in a mailout the week of June 8th-12th as we receive updates from REACT, and a complete FAQ section will be included on the website. However we’ll start by answering a few commonly asked questions here ahead of time:

  1. When will the bins be coming?
    • Transport and delivery are a little slower at this tie due to COVID. REACT anticipates that they will get their order of bins at the end of this week. After this they have to inventory them with serial numbers and allocate each one to a Naicam residence. We do not have an exact delivery date at this point and will inform people once we do. It may be closer to early July before all bins have been delivered to residences in Naicam.
  2. Do I still have to tag the bags I put in the bin? What do I do with leftover tags?
    • Once the bins are in place you will no longer need to tag garbage bags at all. The tag-a-bag program will be discontinued for garbage pickup. Tags will still be accepted to dispose of garbage at the Naicam transfer station, at other REACT transfer stations, and the REACT landfill.  There is no “buy back” program through the Town or REACT for tags that people have already purchased.
  3. What possible reasons could there be for why my garbage is missed?
    • The following are some reasons why your garbage may not be picked up: garbage placed outside of the bin, garbage not bagged, insufficient overhead clearance (must be minimum 14 ft), insufficient clearance around the bin (must be at least 4ft on all sides),  someone parked too close to your bin after it was put out, the lid was not completely closed, it was placed backwards or sideways, garbage was packed too tightly and would not fall from the bin when dumped, your bin was not put out in time. These are just a few common reasons and a complete FAQ section will be included on the website.
  4. Can I opt out of the curbside program? Can I opt in to the program as a business?
    • You cannot opt out of the program. Each residential unit will receive one curbside bin. Empty lots will not receive bins. This is a residential program. Commercial properties are not included. Commercial properties/businesses must arrange for their own garbage disposal directly with REACT at their own cost, as not all commercial properties have the same requirements or need the same size of bins or number of pickups per month.
  5. Can I have a big bin in my residential yard to collect garbage?
    • In general the answer to that is no. Anyone who currently has a large bin will be required to either remove it or obtain a permit. Reasons a permit may be issued include institutional use (lodge, care home, school, hospital, etc.), construction, renovation or demolition debris, garbage generated from packing and moving, and seasonal cleanups, etc. Restrictions on bin placement and length of time a bin can be in place may be included in a permit. Permit application forms are available on our website or by calling the office and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Watch your mail over the coming weeks for more information.

Thank you!