Bylaws, Policies, Permits

Below is a listing of Town of Naicam bylaws and policies. This is not a complete listing of ALL bylaws and policies, but a selection that the administration has posted for ease of access for the benefit of the community. We have just begun to post these items and as such the list is not complete, if there is something you would like to see posted, please contact us with your request and it may be accommodated as time allows. We also make an effort to keep this list as up to date as possible, but the time relevancy of the documents cannot be guaranteed.


Building, Zoning, Development

Fences, Shrubs, Trees & Retaining Walls : Bylaw 2014-003

Nuisance Abatement: Bylaw 2012-009

Property & Surveys Policy: Policy 2017-012

Animal Control

Animal Control: Bylaw 2013-001

Animals: Livestock and Poultry Bylaw No. 96 (1964)


General Government

Administrative Bylaw: Bylaw 2019-001

Asset Management Policy: Policy 2018-003

Complaint Policy: Policy 2016-019

Civic Addressing: Bylaw 2011-004

Council Code of Ethics: Bylaw 2017-001

Elections Policy: Policy 2018-001

General Penalty Bylaw: Bylaw 2012-006

Office Fees & Procedures Policy: Policy 2017-009

Nuisance Abatement: Bylaw 2005-006

Public Notice Bylaw: Bylaw 2005-007

Zero Tolerance Policy: ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY


Licensing & Permits

Business Licences: Bylaw 2016-001

Fireworks Bylaw: Bylaw 1970-003

Firearms: Bylaw 1972-004

Liquor License/Permit Approval: Policy 2017-001



Protective Services

False Alarm Policy (Fire Department): Policy 2019-001

Fire Prevention Bylaws: Consolidated 1986-015, 1997-015

Protective Services Policy: Policy 2017-013

Emergency Warning Siren: Policy 2018-006


Parks & Recreation

Campground & Porta-Potty Policy: Policy 2017-020

Cemetery Bylaw: Bylaw 2016-009

Hall Rental and Use Policy: Policy 2017-017

Private Swimming Pools: Bylaw 1990-011


Public Works

Custom Work Policy: Policy 2017-011

Water and Sewer Line Repair Policy: Policy 2018-005

Water & Sewer Rates: Bylaw 2018-004

Waste Disposal Policy: Policy 2017-016

Vehicle Weight Restrictions: Bylaw 1999-006

Utility Bill Collection: Policy 2016-016



Commercial Tax Concession Policy: Policy 1983-005

Penalty (Interest) on Tax Arrears: Bylaw 1980-008

Prompt Payment Discount: Bylaw 2003-002

Tax Tools (Minimum, Base, Mill Rate Factors): Bylaw 2019-004



Many of our permit applications are available online as fillable or printable PDF forms.

Building, Renovations Demolitions

  • Permits are required for Building or Demolition prior to changes being made to your structure, Plumbing or Electrical, or prior to any new construction or demolition beginning. There is a permit application fee and drawings required to be submitted to Town Council for approval.
  • Renovations to existing buildings that are not structural may not require a permit. Contact the office for details.
  • No permits are required for fences, trees, shrubbery, or retaining walls, but a bylaw is in place to control placement, allowable height, etc.


Special Occasions, Fireworks & Fundraising

Permits are required by anyone planning the following:

  • Special Occasions (community events, fundraisers and other special occasions)
    • Liquor License authorization for outdoor events or sporting facility events
    • Street Closure Permits
    • Noise Bylaw Exemptions
  • Fireworks – permits required and available from the Municipal Office.
  • Fundraising & Raffles
    • Groups must obtain a Lottery Licenses for all raffles, 50/50’s and other draws. Licenses are best obtained through the SLGA. Groups are welcome to contact the Town Office for assistance in obtaining a license.
    • Charitable Gaming Licenses for Bingos, Texas Hold’em Tournaments, Monte Carlo (Mock Casino) events, Draws, etc. are regulated by and available from the SLGA (Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming).
    • Non-Profit Groups may be eligible for a partial grant back from SLGA after submitting their final report to the SLGA for licenses obtained from the SLGA directly. We are happy to assist you in applying for your license.